Dec 052014

Chances are you’re spending a lot of extra time in the kitchen during the holidays preparing for countless festive meals. I would like to share with you one of my very favorites. ( I am only making faces, because the dough is so sticky…hahaha)


Moms Homemade Noodles


Click here for my mom’s awesome recipe 

My mom’s noodles have always been a favorite for generations. They can be enjoyed anytime the mood strikes! I am so thankful that I have it, and that my children and their children will have it years from now. They love being in the kitchen with me and I really enjoy the time spent with them.
My most favorite thing is, when I pull the recipe and I see her handwriting. It’s the best!
These recipes are not perfect, or written like one in a cookbook, and of course, she didn’t  include how many servings it makes….But they are the real recipes that were created with love by her.
Are they still relevant? Maybe the foods and techniques aren’t  (remember Jell-O Molds), but what they represented still matters to most of us. I am sure you have 1 or 2 (maybe dozens) of cookbooks or recipes handed down.
A friend of mine told me recently, as she searched for a recipe in an old cookbook her mom left her, that not only did her mom leave notes on the pages of the recipes she used, but she also used to stick coupons and supermarket sales pages in them to hold the recipe page. Not only is the handwritten notes special to her, but also the (now) vintage coupons for “cents” off of various items, and the old supermarket ads.
Memories like this are wonderful for sharing with your family and friends.

So get inspired, make a mess in the kitchen, and share your favorite recipes, too. Happy holidays!

Love, Jean

( PS. I love you mom)

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