May 182012


Here is some basic knowledge for cooking with eggs.

The easiest method of tell how old an egg is, is to put the egg in a dish of water.

If it sinks and lies horizontally – very fresh.
If it sinks but tilts slightly – about 1 week old.
If it sinks but stands vertically – older, stale.
But if it floats – it’s off and be careful not to crack the shell.

Some people prefer brown eggs and some white. But nutritionally they are the same.  The yolks will also vary in color depending of the diet of the hen.

Best Way to Boil Eggs

Do you find your eggs crack when boiling? Well, follow these simple steps for the best way to create a perfect boiled egg.

Use 2 week old eggs and ensure they are at room temperature. Make a pin prick in the rounded flat end of the egg – this allows any steam that might build up to escape. Use as small a saucepan as possible, so the eggs fit in snugly – you don’t want too much space otherwise, they may bounce around and crack.

Bring to the boil but only simmer do not boil vigorously. Follow these tips and you will have a perfect boiled egg.

For frying and poaching, use as fresh an egg as possible. When the recipe calls for eggs to be separated, use fresh eggs as well. But if you want easy to peel eggs, use the older ones. And when it comes to scrambling, fresher is best, but older ones will do.

Hope these basic hints are helpful.