Oct 112011

Budget-friendly solutions

Tired of Greasy, expensive takeout food? Well you're in luck! They will just be a thing of the past when you invest in these kitchen workhorses! Prepare easy, delicious recipes at only $2 a serving* your family will love. These fantastic products will pay for themselves in just a few meals!

    * Deep Covered Baker: So versatile you'll want to use it every day. Imagine making an incredible roasted chicken in the microwave in 30 minutes or barbecue ribs in 20 minutes! And that's just the beginning. Create countless meals in the microwave that your family will love.
    * Grill Pan and Grill Press: In less than 20 minutes you can turn chicken breasts and our rubs into everybody's favorite chicken dish! You can also prepare the greatest bacon of all time … and so much more!
    * 12" Skillet: Whether you choose Stainless or nonstick Executive, you'll turn to this kitchen essential again and again for great family-pleasing recipes.

I'd love to teach you and your friends delicious recipes, using any of these great products. Contact me anytime – we can chat and I'll share my favorites!

* Prices vary regionally.